Azar Sachmeh Tabriz


Shot Name: NO.000 Buck
Nominal Di(mm): 9.14

    This combination does not exist.

    The larger sizes of lead shot are called "buckshot" or just "buck".Buckshot is used for hunting medium to large game. 

    Buckshot size is most commonly designated by a series of numbers and letters, with smaller numbers indicating larger shot. Sizes larger than "0" are designated by multiple zeros.

    Buckshots are usually coated with graphite, but they may also be coated with other metals such as copper or nickel.

    The packages of this company are packaged for hunters in the form of 1 Kg PET bottles and for hunting cartridge production factories in 1 Ton jumbo bags.


    The sizes of four pieces in Iran are 6, 9, 12, 20, 28 and 36

    Buck shot's photo
    Shot Name: NO.000 Buck
    Nominal Dia(mm): 9.14
    Shot Name: NO.1 Buck
    Nominal Dia(mm): 7.62
    Shot Name: F Buck
    Nominal Dia(mm): 5.59
    Shot Name: NO.4 Buck
    Nominal Dia(mm): 9.14